Star Trek Enterprise Plush

by edwin - on January 13th, 2012

Trekkies, you might have no fear facing the Borg on your own with your trusted Phaser, but what happens when it starts to rain heavily outside, and the storm shows no signs of abating? This is where a plush toy would come in handy to provide some form of comfort, and instead of relying on a teddy bear or some other cute animal design, you might want to fall back on something else that is far more familiar – an icon of courage, the NCC-1701 plush. Yes sir, this $24.99 Star Trek Enterprise Plush is an official collectible, and will fire photon torpedoes thrice when you squeeze it, while red LEDs will blink on the nacelles for added effect. Do provide your own explosion sound effects though, but I think the thunder would do a better job at that.

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