Eat Fit Cutlery Set

by edwin - on January 3rd, 2012

If you happen to have the penchant for wolfing down all sorts of culinary delights, and yet are loathe to sweat it out at the gym later on, you might want to check out the Eat Fit Cutlery Set. It will come in two different variants – the Knife & Fork that retails for £69.99, while the full set that comprises of the knife, fork and spoon will burn a £89.99 hole in your pocket. The main caveat with this cutlery sets would be the weight of the utensils – imagine toting a knife, fork and spoon that tips the scales at 1kg – each! Made up of high quality chrome, each utensil is hand made, so no two are the same. Hopefully those biceps will get the workout they crave so much…

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