spnKiX motorized shoes

by edwin - on December 21st, 2011

There used to be this joke that went around my classmates back when we were wee lads, and we who do not have the privilege of having a driver pick us up from school often have to take public bus No. 11 – that is, our two legs, to head back home. Perhaps humans might not need to do that much walking in the future, what with the spnKiX motorized shoes. The brainchild of product designer Peter Treadway, this pair of motorized footwear will let you get around without having to lift a single toe. Just slip yourself inside while wearing your regular shoes and you’re good to go. Use the handheld remote control to help you navigate through the sea of humanity around.

Something tells me that doctors are not going to like this, as it lessens the chance of you getting whatever little exercise you can. With a maximum range of 2 to 3 miles, the spnKiX motorized shoes will take around 2 hours to fully juice up. Constructed from fiber reinforced Nylon and aluminum, this lithium ion battery-powered footwear will retail for $375, and if you want to get all gangsta, then forking out $950 will net you a special edition with black wheels. Assuming Murphy doesn’t strike, the spnKiX motorized shoes should be released in March next year.


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