Punk Washing Up Brush

by edwin - on December 12th, 2011

You would have thought that those who subscribe to the punk philosophy would let loose a streak of anarchy upon the masses, and do not want to have anything to do with being orderly or maintaining the public peace, but here is the £5.99 Punk Washing Up Brush that turns all of that convention upside down. In fact, the Punk Washing Up Brush is a stickler for clean dishes, pots, pans and cups – he will even freely volunteer his carefully cut hair so that with your strength, you can get rid of all stubborn stains that still cling onto the fine china that is sitting in your kitchen sink. Stiff pink bristles ought to make short work of any remaining stains, and with a pair of sizeable hob-nail boots, he’ll stand upright on your worktop once you’re done.

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