by edwin - on December 5th, 2011

Drawing a conclusion used to be a figure of speech, but here is a practical way of getting it done literally – with the £4.99 Predict-a-Pen. Yes sir, if you are one indecisive person and always let things around you happen instead of making things happen, the Predict-a-Pen might be just the thing for you. This nifty ballpoint writer is always available to hand you an answer during those moments when you do not have enough information to make a calculated decision. No idea on whether there is a right or wrong answer, since there is an equal number of Yes or No responses.

One thought on “Predict-a-Pen”

  1. Pattanadet says:

    Wicked, I seriously would like to but this one.
    problem is… I live in Thailand
    and have paypal account

    e-mail me how can I buy this gadget

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