Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Bar

by edwin - on November 29th, 2011

Who can forget the classic moment when Han Solo was caught dead frozen in carbonite, being a living room showpiece for Jabba the Hutt? I guess it is time to immortalize the pirating space privateer as you take a literal bite out of him, thanks to the $11.99 Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Bar. Of course, it would be a pity for most of us who are feeling a little bit hungry and are in need of a snack, and yet want to check out just how it feels like to be a pseudo-cannibal, even if but for a moment. Does George Lucas know no bounds when it comes to rolling out officially licensed Star Wars stuff? Man’s going to be a whole lot richer this coming Christmas for sure.

One thought on “Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Bar”

  1. Chris says:

    ThinkGeek ripped off my idea. Not the first product they’ve ripped off from others.

    I created the Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar in 2007.

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