Magical Blow On/Off Light Switch

by edwin - on November 6th, 2011

There is a reason why this particular website is called ‘Foolish Gadgets’ – simply for the reason that the stuff we feature here might be inane at times, often fun, and chances are, you won’t be spending too much time with your purchase, suffering an acute case of buyer’s remorse far quicker than that smartphone purchase. Perhaps the $15.99 Magical Blow On/Off Light Switch might fare better as part of your gizmo collection? It can attach itself to any electrical appliance so that you are able to play around with a freestanding, portable Light Switch just about anywhere. To activate or deactivate the appliance, just flip the switch or blow on the switch – neat, eh? Perfect to discreetly turn off the lights or pretend that there is a poltergeist living under the same roof if you want to get rid of that girlfriend who is starting to get on your nerves…

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