Humunga Lips for slobbery dogs

by edwin - on November 10th, 2011

I am not quite sure about you, but if your pooch is a drooler and has a super long tongue hanging out all the time while looking daft, you will most probably find it to be a turn off to smooch. Why not lessen the impact with this super funny £10.99 Humunga Lips? Yes sir, lips tend to follow the mantra, “bigger is better”, so why not equip your dog with one set of this for a really funny photo shoot? Definitely a crazy toy that comes from the very same people who brought you the Humunga Stache. Basically, the Humunga Lips will appeal to dogs who love to play fetch, as it is actually a non-toxic rubber ball that has a pair of lips moulded on to it.

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