Holiday Pig Popper

by edwin - on November 9th, 2011

With the holiday season coming right up, it makes perfect sense to start preparing to get all festive in terms of stocking up your fridge and making sure the right kind of preparations are in place. The $9.95 Holiday Pig Popper is one such purchase that ought to find a place in the hearts of everyone at home (as long as your family thinks that pigs are kosher, of course), where all you need to do is squeeze the belly of this Santa suited Holiday Pip Popper and see a harmless foam ball blast out his of snout. Needless to say, the more force you apply in your squeeze, the further the foam ball will shoot – with a record of around 20 feet thereabouts, according to the folks at Baronbob. Each purchase comes with half a dozen balls to “shoot” at one another.

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  1. Ramirez says:

    Just ordered mine and the guy who took my order gave me a coupon code for 15% off its lovebaron.

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