DIY Wooden Knife

by edwin - on November 8th, 2011

While you might think that the $9.99 DIY Wooden Knife is a hoot to carry around, I would advise against it being part of your check-in luggage the next time you head out to the airport for a flight. After all, it will most probably be confiscated by authorities that are in place, and they will in most instances, not be too thrilled or amused by this latest toy from Thinkgeek. Basically, the DIY Wooden Knife’s purpose is to teach little ones about knife safety, where the kit comprises of just about everything you require – and there is no need have prior knowledge about tools or woodworking, now how about that? Once the DIY Wooden Knife is assembled, just sand, stain, and paint it to make it look like the real deal.

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