Conan the Barbarian Sword Letter Opener

by edwin - on November 4th, 2011

I remember a scene from Star Wars when Anakin Skywalker was informed by Padme Amidala that she was in “aggressive negotiations” – which basically meant a free for all until the Republic Army bailed them out of a tight situation. Well, I suppose Conan the Barbarian is also an aggressive negotiator, preferring the sword to the letter, although at times, even all his strength and wits on the battlefield are not enough to go up against the might of bureaucrats who will drown him with letter after letter – hence he has to be well prepared for the situation, by having his trusty $24.99 Conan the Barbarian Sword Letter Opener at his side at all times. Boasting the very same sword design from the 1982 movie, it just goes to show that there is such a thing as timeless design.

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