Zombie Beanie completes your half-eaten look

by edwin - on October 17th, 2011

With the recent spate of zombie and vampire flicks making their rounds on the silver screen, we certainly can’t blame you if you think that the US (or even the world) is under the threat of some potentially devastating undead attack. I guess the time is not here yet since there isn’t any Umbrella Corporation-like companies around at the moment, so the nearest you can get to a zombie would be to dress up as one yourself. This $14.99 Zombie Beanie will complete your Halloween decorations I believe, assuming you want to head out like a zombie, as it has an interesting design at the top – as though your skull was already eaten through, leaving your brains exposed. I was wondering though – those really rotting zombies, surely their teeth aren’t as strong as before due to calcium loss, how do they still maintain such a lethal bite?

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