Vampire Condiment Gift Pack

by edwin - on October 9th, 2011

Blood suckers aren’t exactly the best kind of friends to have, not if they have learnt to go “vegetarian”, that is, not to feed on human blood. Well, if you happen to know any blood sucker wannabes out there, perhaps you might be interested in the Vampire Condiment Gift Pack? This unique £12.99 purchase is one of the more interesting methods of scaring off a bloodthirsty vampire instead of using regular, classic items such as garlic and crucifixes. You will be able to select from Vampire’s Delight (a fiery apple chutney), Vampire’s Revenge (a hot plum chutney), or Vampire Relish (a spicy tomato salsa), and this is definitely the thing to spruce up whatever sandwiches you’re going to indulge in.

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