Retro Invader Couch

by edwin - on October 20th, 2011

This Retro Invader Couch that you see here might not burn holes in the ground by dropping bombs and other forms of armaments to annihilate all of mankind, but what it does is this – burn a £5,500 hole in your pocket at the same time. This is definitely the couch to own if you love taking trips to the 1980s, growing up with Space Invaders in the arcades while feeding machines quarter after quarter until you master all the nuances of the game to a ‘T’. Featuring design cues that are right from the 1980s including bold angles and bright colors, this particular couch does not look too comfortable to sit on – but then again, fashion rarely is. Russian industrial designer Igor Chak is the man behind this design, using premium materials, fine leather and even memory foam cushions to construct this striking piece of furniture.

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