Maxi Pad Sticky Notes

by edwin - on October 11th, 2011

Pads are rather sticky, and how do I know? Well as a guy, I do get my curiousity piqued from time to time. Don’t ask me on the specifics, but I just know that pads tend to get their goo all over the place (maybe because I don’t have the relevant experience and expertise to handle it). If you want a far easier time with pads without all the blood, then you might want to consider getting this $6.95 Maxi Pad Sticky Notes. The name itself is hilarious, and it will definitely make some days lighter – with laughter, of course. You need not wait for a specific time of the month to use this, and with some wings, none of your bad jokes will spill over. Each Maxi Pad Sticky Notes will comprise of 200 sheets with a sticky backing.

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