Jelly Belly Hand Warmers

by edwin - on October 19th, 2011

Some parts of the country is about to be very, very cold this coming winter, so it makes perfect sense to take all the relevant precautions in order to make sure that you won’t end up like a frozen popsicle when you stand outside of your home for 5 minutes. Well, how about those who are extra partial to the cold, where being well wrapped still gives you the chills whenever you are in the middle of your living room? Enter the delicious looking £12.99 Jelly Belly Hand Warmers, where it is palm-sized – making us wish actual Jelly Beans come in that size, too. Made from a super soft plush material, just place them in a microwave for a minute or so, where they will then remain warm for a good 60 minutes thereabouts.

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