Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush

by edwin - on October 10th, 2011

Remember Jack the Monkey from Disney’s Pirates franchise? I guess the $14.99 Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush that you see here from ThinkGeek must probably be some long lost relative – after all, both monkeys are undead, except that ThinkGeek’s version is far cuter and more huggable. After all, it isn’t just rags and bones, but comes in a soft, non-toxic material that little kids can identify with. I do question the wisdom of something so grotesque being given to a child though, he/she might grow up thinking that “normal” looking teddy bears might be weird instead. Ah well, I guess this is something parents with Goth leanings would be interested in as a gift…

One thought on “Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush”

  1. Seth says:

    Love me some Zombie Monkey! Love all the Mezco Zombie Plush. Ordered my monkey 2day!

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