Wild West Shooting Set

by edwin - on September 13th, 2011

Feel frustrated at home or at work? Well, there is nothing quite like shooting your mouth off, but plenty of people can get hurt in the process, and to heal emotional wounds, it will take plenty of time to do so. As for those who prefer to learn how to manage their emotions better, there is a different way – with the $39.99 Wild West Shooting Set. Yes sir, this set will bring you back a couple of hundred years to the wild, wild west, where the swiftest trigger (and most accurate, of course) wins. The set includes everything you need to be the top shooter on the block, and you can even challenge others for some one-on-one competition. No bullets are involved here, just a harmless infrared light beam, a log that functions as a target base, and a quartet of targets that fly off the base when the shooter “hits the mark” from up to 30 feet away.

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