Sushi Date Night Cufflinks

by edwin - on September 11th, 2011

Going on a date is definitely something that all singles appreciate, especially when they feel as though it is time to start “settling down” after getting queried by so many family members. For guys, it is to find a “nice girl”, while the ladies get ribbed that they aren’t getting any younger. Well, if you already are going to bring your date out for a smashing night (which you have immaculately planned well in advance, of course), then the Sushi Date Night Cufflinks might be of use. This is a wardrobe essential for true blue sushi lovers, where it comprises of a quartet of Alaskan Rolls, one Nigiri Sushi, some pickled ginger and wasabi. They’re all sturdily attached to brass cufflinks, but it makes perfect sense to be careful and gentle with it. $18 will net you a set – shipping billed separately, of course. Delicious!

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