Fire Bucket Ashtray

by edwin - on September 23rd, 2011

Take a look at any cigarette pack these days, and chances are your eyes will be greeted by a Surgeon General’s warning on how smoking is hazardous to your health. I suppose it is not so much of all the gunk that you are accumulating in your lungs, but rather, what happens when you have a cigarette that you left on the table while you went away to do something else, only to return and find out that a small fire has already started? This is where the £7.50 Fire Bucket Ashtray comes in handy, where you don’t use a bucket to fight fire with sand and water, but rather, bring a pre-fire (the cigarette) to the Fire Bucket Ashtray instead. Heck, even the bucket comes complete with a packet of sand to boot.

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