F-Bomb Costume

by edwin - on September 3rd, 2011

Not to sure what to wear when Halloween rolls around? Perhaps if you like to swear but you are not allowed to do so due to restrictions around the home, how about making a statement with the $44.99 F-Bomb Costume? Definitely not the cheapest costume around in the market, but I am quite sure it gets the message across on your behalf, in a manner that is non-threatening and yet is able to elicit more than a few laughs from whoever sees you. This is a one size fits most package, considering the costume itself comes in the shape of a tunic and will fit comfortably over the majority of shoulders out there. If you want it to be larger than it looks, just stuff the corners with items such as newspaper and you’re good to go. Since it is made out of poly foam, don’t send it to the washing machine – rather, hand wash this puppy with a damp cloth.

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