Backpack Drinks Dispenser

by edwin - on September 12th, 2011

Throwing a party often involves plenty of logistics and planning, ranging from the kind of drinks, the setup of your choice, guests to invite, the works! Well, making sure your guests do not go thirsty is also another important aspect – even Jesus was called upon to do something when a wedding feast he attended ran out of wine. Well, to make sure your guests have their fair share of drinks and in style, here is the £24.99 Backpack Drinks Dispenser – where it is the perfect drink accessory that allows people to be happy throughout the night! Taking an inspired look from the classic Beer Tower design, it has been transformed into a portable, wearable piece of smile inducing drinkware! Capable of holding 3 liters of your favorite brand of poison, it might just make you the most popular person in the party with this on your back.

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  1. sean says:

    This link goes to mustache soaps, and this item cannot be found on the corresponding site

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