20 Sided Sucker

by edwin - on September 9th, 2011

Love playing Dungeons & Dragons, not to mention all other kinds of RPGs (Role Playing Games)? Well, your character might have the best statistics on paper (literally), but no matter how powerful he/she is, there are still off days to simulate real life, thanks to the roll of the die in an encounter with a creature of darkness, or even when you take your chances in stealing a rare artifact from another character. Having said that, you must surely have fond memories of the 20-sided-die, so why not suck on it – literally, with the 20-Sided Sucker? Definitely a surefire hit with those who want to relive their childhood D&D campaigns, and at $5 a pop, these aren’t that cheap – so make sure you have a saving throw made when you ask your wife for permission to purchase this!

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