Sharky’s Diner for some silly thrills

by edwin - on August 13th, 2011

Want to roll back the years again and feel like a kid? Here’s a $14.99 toy that might just accomplish that. Called Sharky’s Diner, this terror of the sea (as depicted in movies of course, although documentaries would say, and rightfully so, that us humans are the real terror not only across the seven seas, but the whole earth as well) will see each player attempt to fish out a piece of junk from Sharky’s jaws, and if you happen to remove the wrong piece, his jaws will clamp down – hard! All you need to do is call out just which piece you want to fish out, and as you are halfway removing the piece of junk, Sharky’s jaws might just start to close slowly, signalling that danger is just around the corner. Good for a few rounds, but it will get boring afterwards. Best played with shots of tequila…

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