Plug Mug is interestingly funny

by edwin - on August 5th, 2011

Now most of us have our own mugs at the office pantry for two good reasons – you don’t like to share your saliva with someone else, and don’t you think that the cup of coffee in your mug is the best tasting amongst the rest of your colleagues simply because it has the secret combination of sugar and cream inside? Well, if you’re the flashy type, why not make sure the mug you drink from will also be outstanding compared to the rest? This is where the Plug Mug comes in handy – it has a unique plug which you can remove – whenever you leave your mug at the office, so that no one else would bother using yours as there is a huge gaping hole in there that renders it useless. All for £7.99 – now that’s a hoot!

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