Pickle Fingers is just as slippery?

by edwin - on August 5th, 2011

I know Mr Butter Fingers – I am one of his. But Pickle Fingers? I don’t suppose it would be just as slippery, hence the title of this post. After all, getting the words “Pickle Fingers” to roll off one’s tongue is definitely going to take some getting used to, especially when we’re so comfortable with butter fingers for the better part of our lives. There is no real point to having the Pickle Fingers, other than the fact that you might opt to dress up as a giant pickle when Halloween rolls around later this October. Each Pickle Finger will stand at 3.25″ in height, where it is made out of soft rubber and will fits over your real fingers. Each $4.95 purchase comes in a set of 5, so if you want both hands to be pickle-fied, then get two sets.

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