iPad Chef Sleeves

by edwin - on August 26th, 2011

If you happen to have a digital cookbook loaded onto your iPad, surely you must have taken the necessary preventative measures to ensure flour and eggs end up in your cupcakes, and not in your tablet. While those expensive leather covers are nice to touch and look at, they aren’t too practical to have around in the kitchen – not to mention that they could very well end up soiled. Why not settle for the $19.99 iPad Chef Sleeves instead? Made out of ultra clear 100% touch-sensitive sealable plastic sleeves, they will ensure your iPad and other similar sized tablets remain free from kitchen spills. There are 25 in each pack, and since each of them can be used for multiple times, one pack is going to last for quite a long time, even more so when you hardly spend time in the kitchen whipping up dishes for the family.

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