Nagging Navigator Talking Novelty Gag

by edwin - on July 26th, 2011

Nag, nag, nag! That must be a trait that most guys loathe in their wives or girlfriends, but it seems to be a built-in “feature”, so to speak, of the female populace – of course, they would, in their defence, claim that this is because us guys don’t listen and heed instructions well! The $19.98 Nagging Navigator Talking Novelty Gag is surely something to defuse the tension when you’re in the car with your other half, as it looks like a dashboard navigator that might just help you out in a tight spot, but it does otherwise – pressing the button will lead it to speak out one of 15 caustic phrases. Heck, you can make it all the more horrific by placing a picture of mom there in front.

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