Emergency Affirmation Button

by edwin - on July 30th, 2011

Not everyone grew up in an affirmative environment, you know. Some of us had abusive parents (or at least one), while others were bullied on school grounds and never received the Super Soldier serum to become Captain America. Well, if you need to feel better about yourself but do not have a friend to do that bit, how about forking out $11.99 for the Emergency Affirmation Button?

The name alone says it all – the moment you press the Emergency Affirmation Button, your ears will be greeted by an enthusiastic “You are awesome!” which is more or less guaranteed to deliver a pick-me-up for you. Use this to stay motivated all the day long, and as you make your progress up the corporate ladder because you have regained your self-belief, just remember to pass this down to the next loser in your office, won’t you?

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