12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman

by edwin - on July 18th, 2011

Halloween’s on its way, and you can always prepare yourself and the family for this spooky holiday with the 12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman dotting the landscape of your backyard, although we believe that you would most probably get only one – after all, it does come at a rather pricey $299.95, so the missus might not approve a couple of these due to a tight budget. This 12′ tall inflatable headless horseman, as its name suggests, will hold a pumpkin head in his hand, while the gourd has an infernal smile plastered on it. Capable of producing a bone-chilling whinny, portending malevolence, it might just do the trick in scaring first time Halloweed participants away, although we think this is a one trick pony – pun intended.

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