Zombie Desktop Bowling

by edwin - on June 10th, 2011

So you love Plants vs Zombies (to the death, we might add, hehe!) and can’t get enough of the game as well as its list of achievements? Well, there is now the Zombie Desktop Bowling game that while isn’t a licensed piece toy, it still gets the job done if you are running low on your zombie fix. This $19.99 purchase will feature a zombie themed tabletop bowling game that is good for two players. The bowling pins themselves are crafted from wood by hand, and specially painted to resemble zombies. All you need to do is knock down the zombie pins without knocking over the king pin and you are considered the “winner”. Each purchase will come with a couple of miniature bowling balls and 10 miniature bowling pins, best of all is, you need not wear socks with this.

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