Spork is improved upon

by edwin - on June 30th, 2011

You know what they say – don’t go around trying to fix what isn’t broken, and haven’t you realized already that it is pretty impossible to reinvent the wheel? Other things, however, like the spork is different. That particularly weird looking eating utensil does seem to have received a design update of sorts. Apparently, the original spork came from a Japanese spoon-fork combo that was created for the Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant chain in the late 1970s. The whole idea behind that was to save money and wastage, since you get to slurp on your noodles and broth using a single utensil. To celebrate the chain’s 60th ¬†anniversary, it decided to update its signature ramen fork, resulting in this super spork of sorts. Is your appetite whet already?


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