RageGage Smash Pad alleviates road rage

by edwin - on June 8th, 2011

Driving on the roads these days could prove to be a rather stressful affair, since there are many people out there who seem to be morons behind the wheel (all save you), so how else are you supposed to let out that pent up rage? Instead of kicking your dog (which is cruel btw), there is the RageGage Smash Pad – a safe method to release all of your anger. This device comes preloaded with a funny voice and a number of rage-tastic phrases, and you can also download more voices such as POTUS (our commander in chief), Lush Rimbaugh (right wing shock jock) and Valley Girl (a brain-dead, Chihuahua-clutching hotel heiress). You can also create your very own custom RageGage voice and share it with your friends. This $19.99 device will also double up as a video game controller for smash-based games, such as those on Facebook.

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