Creative Outlets Stickers

by edwin - on June 27th, 2011

Instead of chastising your little one not to use his or her crayons to doodle all over the wall, how about approaching the subject from a different perspective? We are talking about getting stickers instead – specifically the Creative Outlets Stickers, where it will make each power socket an individual with a different, depending on your creativity. Printed on glossy vinyl, it features various hairstyles, glasses, moustaches, and heck, even that of a dog’s mug! At $3.49 a pop, it is one of the more affordable methods to keep junior busy without you tearing your hair out.

One thought on “Creative Outlets Stickers”

  1. Parent says:

    Great! Now my two year old will get electrocuted when they think the outlet in our home is a toy.

    Can you say the word “lawsuit” boys and girls?

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