Cornobi is one corny idea

by edwin - on May 27th, 2011

Now there are quite a few puns that I would like to throw at the Cornobi – after all, it sounds so corny and to have it rhyme after Obi Wan Kenobi makes it all the more hilarious. Shed Simove’s brainchild, this is supposed to be a tribute to all corn-eating Jedi, taking on the form of a lightsaber corn cob holder. This is an unusual design that might just see you eating more corn than normal simply because you cannot resist showing off that you’re the biggest Star Wars fan in the office. The fork is strong in this one…


6 thoughts on “Cornobi is one corny idea”

  1. E.L. says:

    How about a lightsaber colored sheath to go around the corn and a heated compartment in the handle to melt butter? You flip the switch one direction, it melts the butter, then switch it the other way and it opens holes where the corn attaches for the butter to come out of. Slide the sheath on and just wait; then VIOLA! Auto corn-buttering!

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