iPhone 4…now in a pillow

by edwin - on April 10th, 2011

The iPhone cow does seem to be one that has unlimited milk, just like how George Lucas is treating his Star Wars franchise that has earned him millions many times over. The iPhone 4, an object of desire for many, already has a very mature third party accessory market, but what makes it all the more unbearable for those casting envious looks over at Apple is the fact that people will try just about any way to help you part with your money if you’re an iPhone 4 owner – case in point, the iPhone 4 pillow. Definitely much larger than a standard iPhone 4 as you can see above, it works best if you sleep on it – at least when you get some shuteye with this puppy, you can hold it any way you like, and you will still experience sweet dreams instead of suffering from dream “transmission” interruptions.


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