Angry Birds appear as USB flash drives now

by edwin - on April 5th, 2011

I guess nothing is sacred where Angry Birds is concerned, and the travesty of hearing the top layer of Rovio’s management comparing the Angry Birds franchise with that of Mario. The rotund Italian plumber had a universal appeal, and you didn’t see Nintendo exploit every possible avenue of revenue through licensed merchandise. Too bad the same can’t be said of Angry Birds, where you can soon bombard your collection with different colored avian friends in 2GB, 4G and 8GB capacities. Depending on the storage space inside, prices range from $11 to $22.


One thought on “Angry Birds appear as USB flash drives now”

  1. Steve S says:

    There is one thing that is forever and always.
    That is things change. Mario is and was huge. My 7 year old plays his Mario Wii which is great that he is enjoying a classic. Mario started out as a very simple game that has evolved over time.

    Angry birds is a simple game and may or not evolve over time. I play it all the time even though I have 3 stars in every level in each of the three versions. It could be as big as Mario it will depend.

    Things change, marketing methods change, technology change and we can not change along with it or…….not.

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