Tegu Discovery Magnet Set

by edwin - on March 20th, 2011

If you think that your office desk needs some much required sprucing up, looking as boring as your toupee, then you might want to stop cracking your noggin’ and get the Tegu Discovery Magnet Set instead. Sure, it is going to cost the general expenses budget another $64.99, but what’s that compared to a toy that you can spend your day at work playing while everyone else are busy trying to pull their own weight? A great way to let go of some stress, and some say, even to lose your job. The Tegu Discovery Magnet Set is made by safely embedding magnets invisibly inside each block, and to know that they’re made out of eco-friendly hardwoods should make you sleep better at night. Bear in mind this isn’t going to make you any more productive than you already aren’t now…(yes, that was a deliberate word choice)

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