Sandwich Lunch Box

by edwin - on February 14th, 2011

sandiwch-lunch-boxMany of you have surely grown up with packed sandwiches for lunch by mom, and most of you do bring lunch boxes to school to boot. Of course, those boxes tend to be dreary and boring, but what happens when you have something which is a whole lot more interesting? We’re talking about the Sandwich Lunch Box, where it looks like a real sandwich from afar on the outside, and has been perfectly sized and shaped to fit your sandwich. This tin box comes with a hinged door and clasp, retailing for $7.99 if you want little Jimmy to carry his lunch in style.

0 thoughts on “Sandwich Lunch Box”

  1. technupower says:

    Can’t I eat this lunch box? cozit’s looks yummy 😀

    1. edwin says:

      You’d end up with a pretty bad toothache, I believe 🙂

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