Mini turned into a comfortable gaming chair

by edwin - on February 25th, 2011

mini-gaming-chairThe Mini Cooper is one of the more iconic vehicles we’ve seen over the years, and this time around, designer David Gawthorpe has literally taken things into his own hands by coming up with an extremely different gaming chair design – at least in recent memory. Taking a good 730 days to build (that’s two years), this luxurious pad is fashioned out of the front end of a Mini. It will even tuck away under the hood, while the foot pedals will obediently slide underneath the grille. Other hardware specifications include an Xbox 360, 500-watt amp, strobe and laser lights, a vibration pad under the seat, a mini fridge and even a remote-controlled smoke machine. David has quoted a £8000 price point which was snapped up by an entrepreneur, despite it being in a prototype format now. With that kind of money, you can probably spend it over the next 3 hardware life cycles of consoles with games, to boot – and more.

Source: Born Rich

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  1. Review Specs says:

    that’s amazing gaming chair.. love it so much

  2. Hi, a group of spaniosh desginers have made couches and CD shelfs with old car and bike parts (and way cheaper than the mini above!) 🙂

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