Martin Loofah King Exfoliating Glove

by edwin - on January 24th, 2011

martin-loofahWe humans do remember the great heroes of our past by commemorating them with a holiday, and Martin Luther King is no different. Imagine yourself having a shower and your brain finally clicked that it was Martin Luther King Day – how else are you going to celebrate it without having your neighbors look at you in a strange way for forgetting? That’s easy – just invite them over and ask them to check out the latest addition to your bath – the Martin Loofah King Exfoliating Glove. This loofah retails for a cool $7.11, and if you play around and rearrange that figure, you end up with January 17th. Smart, no?

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  1. Sly says:

    Oh my gawd- this made me LOL.

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