Giant Gummy Frog

by edwin - on January 26th, 2011

giant-gummy-frogUrgh, what kind of human would want to eat a frog? Well, when you’re pretty desperate, we supposed. Still, if one were to have a broadened worldview of things, there are other cultures out there which do find frogs to be delicacies in their own right, while others are harvested for their poison. Today, it is about feasting, and for a more palatable version, how about giving the $7.95 Giant Gummy Frog a go? Kissing it won’t net you a prince in the process, but at least you know you’re supporting the local economy since it is hand-made in the USA, coming in a sour apple flavor.

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  1. Juergen says:

    But it doesn’t have any bones in it – I want my Crunchy Frog 😉

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