Countdown Clock Obama

by edwin - on January 27th, 2011

countdown-clock-obamaWhat a way to literally remind yourself that even the most powerful man on earth’s days are numbered – at least in the office. We’re talking about the Countdown Clock Obama, where depending on your political leanings, it might lead you to shed a tear (or bawl), or jump for joy. As its name suggests, this timepiece will know the exact second of when Obama’s last day at the Oval Office is, displaying the hours, minutes and seconds until that happens. Definitely the perfect fodder for a conversational piece if you’re the quiet type. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, it will cost you $9.95 if your math is particularly bad when it comes to time.

5 thoughts on “Countdown Clock Obama”

  1. Err says:

    This makes no sense. As of this time, no one knows when Obama will leave the Oval Office, since he’s still on his first term. Was the person who wrote the copy for this item a complete idiot?

    1. edwin says:

      That’s why it made it to Foolish Gadgets, dear Jason 😉 I hope you appreciate the sometimes quirky sense of humor here 🙂

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