Chocolate Bath Box

by edwin - on January 21st, 2011

choc-bathWant to have some literally sweet relaxation? That is easily achievable with the Chocolate Bath Box, where this £9.99 purchase will definitely let you relax in a bath filled with the unmistakable aroma of chocolate. Originally, it is designed to look like a fancy box of chocs, although deep down inside, you know that this luxurious collection of fizzing bath melts will immediately transport you to a heady world of chocolatey relaxation. Since they are handmade in nature, you can be sure that there might even be cases of someone nearly biting into one of these puppies simply because they look good enough to eat. No sir, the right way of ‘consuming’ them would be to drop them in the tub and enjoy their natural fragrances while you let loose the day’s stress. Yes sir, this definitely falls under the “Keep out of reach of children” category.

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