Bog Toilet Monster scares visitors

by edwin - on January 15th, 2011

bog-monsterYou want something that will definitely scare the heck out of your unsuspecting visitors? That is easily done with the $16.95 Bog Toilet Monster, where it will masterfully hide in your toilet bowl until the cover is lifted – that is when it will spring a nasty surprise, so make sure you know who your guests are since you wouldn’t want to forensics to drop by your place and draw a chalk outline of a dead body due to fright. Best to include a voice recorder in the bathroom since that would let you record all those shrieks from different people for posterity over the years.

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  1. dansmart says:

    Have to say…I bought one of these over Christmas and it delivers about $1,000 worth of fun. They never know when they’ll get it. Scare them, then always leave the lid down, and when they get complacent DO IT AGAIN! It has brought many jolly times to my family. True story: my young daughter tried to give me a taste of my own medicine but I got up in the middle of the night, peed in the dark and didn’t even notice! Had to rinse the little guy off in the morning.

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