Santa & Reindeer Farting Butts

by edwin - on December 9th, 2010

santa-tootintushiesIsn’t Christmas supposed to be a magical experience for everyone? Trust those who love toilet humor and dry jokes to create a niche market which is large enough for something like the Santa & Reindeer Farting Butts to be rolled off the production line. Sure, Santa might be the one who can traverse through the world while dispensing presents to nice kids in one night, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fart! After all, isn’t he as human as you and I to a certain extent? This unique yet hysterical Christmas decorations can be hung around, waiting to be pressed by cheeky fingers only to be greeted by various musical accompaniments of farts. You can opt for Santa or his Tootin’ Reindeer Sidekick for $9.95 a pop.

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