Proverbial wallet goes about to prevent you from overspending

by edwin - on December 9th, 2010

proverbial-walletsSpending habits of a person can vary, depending on the kind of upbringing, environment and education (alongside numerous other factors). Well, most of us are good spenders but lousy savers, which is why a bunch of MIT students came up with three different wallets to help you curb that shopaholic tendency of yours. Known as the Proverbial wallet, the first of the three is Bumblebee which will vibrate each time you swipe your credit card. As for Mother Bear (gotta love the description), it is a wallet that doesn’t open if you’ve hit your monthly budget. Last but not least, the self-explanatory Peacock that grows or shrinks according to the amount of dough you have in your bank account. Pretty deflating experience at the end of the month, eh?

Source: Gizmodiva

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