Monty Python’s Mr Creostoes’s Sauce Dispenser

by edwin - on December 27th, 2010

sauce-dispenserIf you don’t mind having some form of crude humor on the dining table itself (a travesty when America was first started by our founding fathers), then chances are you would love to hand over £14.95 for the Monty Python’s Mr Creostoes’s Sauce Dispenser. You need not worry about Mr. Creosote’s intestinal fortitude, as you can fill him up with just about any sauce you like, ranging from ketchup to mustard and brown sauce among others. To get it out on your favorite dish, just push his back and watch the magic happen. Just to make sure you get the whole significance of Mr. Creosote being used, he is the unbelievably fat man in Monty Pythons ‘Meaning of Life’, who eats and eats, vomits it all up, and keeps eating and vomiting until he explodes!

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