Flabongo adds a dash of flair to your parties

by edwin - on December 29th, 2010

flabongoAre you getting ready to throw a New Year’s party? Well, here’s a crazy thought – how about sprucing it up with the Flabongo instead? Yeap, you read that right, and it definitely is not a typo at all. The Flabongo is one of the craziest drinking gadget on the planet at the moment, doing away with memories and conceptions of what a traditional beer bong looks like – the Flabongo has been optimized for drink chug-alugging, making it a snap to find new friends in a jiffy. Measuring 18.5 inches from nose to tail, it comes with a 1-inch hole for chuggin’, and this could be one of the crazier $24.95 you would have spent for your parties.

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  1. Nick says:

    Thanks for sharing the Flabongo! Check out all the fan videos and photos at Flabongo.com and the FlabongoPartyStore.com

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