Dill Pickle Mints

by edwin - on December 31st, 2010

pickle-mintsAren’t mints supposed to be something that keep your breath refreshing, so that when you talk to other people, they won’t faint from that foul smell that comes out from your mouth? The Dill Pickle Mints kinda defeats this purpose, despite being touted to be delicious – we don’t think you will find too many friends of yours who are willing to try out something as weird as this. A $2.50 tin will net you around a century’s worth of mints, making this suitable for the pickle lover in your life – now just how many of them are there?

2 thoughts on “Dill Pickle Mints”

  1. Sparrow says:

    My sister got these once. They taste horrible.

    But then again, I don’t like pickles…

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